Simple Guide for Your ID Lanyards

LanyardsWhen you consider having promotional ID lanyards for your organization, you also need to learn about the available options. You will find that lanyards are versatile items, and you could choose from various features including materials, thickness, and attachments. There are numerous potential combinations that will allow you to have the perfect lanyard that matches your needs.

Lanyards are created as items usually worn around the neck, should, or wrist to hold another item. They were initially used by the French military to attach weapons and tools to their uniforms. When the military were on the go, the lanyards were particularly useful to keep them from accidentally losing their weapons.

Modern lanyards are no longer necessarily used for military gears, but they have the same function – to carry essential items close by. Lanyards these days can practically hold anything – keys, ID cards, mobile phones, etc.

Popular Ways of Using Promotional Lanyards

Promotional lanyards are used in many common ways, such as holding IDs, commemorative items, and badges at events. Business owners can save money when they offer ID lanyards since they are practical items. It becomes less likely for the user to lose their ID or badge when it is attached to their lanyard.

At a big tradeshow or similar event, lanyards can also be useful when they are given out as promotional items. A lot of organizers consider lanyards as an essential part of the event because they can keep the ID in place when the user is walking around the venue. The visibility of a person’s identification simplifies making a connection at the event.

There are also many people who consider lanyards as souvenir items. They can use the lanyards to hold necessary passes during the event, and then they can continually use it to hold their keys, mobile phones, or other personal items after the event. Whenever they see the lanyard, they tend to remember the fun happenings at that event.

Lanyard Attachments

To make the ID lanyards functional, you need to choose an attachment piece. There are various options to choose from and you must consider how the lanyards will be used to determine the perfect attachment option.

Plastic or metal lanyard attachments are available and you must keep the target market in mind when choosing these items. Attachments in black tend to look more modern and pleasant, and most recipients perceive them to have higher value.

Bulldog Clip

This attachment is perfect for holding IDs and badges that are inserted into a pouch with a horizontal slot. Its clip fits inside the slot and holds the badge straight. You also have the option to attach it to a key ring.

Thumb Trigger

ID lanyards can also clasp keys with the use of thumb trigger attachments. To open and close the hook, there is a little lever so you can attach it to the item that has to be carried on the lanyard.

Cell Phone Loop

At the end of the lanyard, there is a small loop that can be attached to a tiny hole on top or at the bottom of a mobile phone.


If you want to attach heavy items at the end of the lanyard, carabiner is the ideal attachments to use. This is a heavy duty piece of attachment because it is made from reinforced trigger clip material.

Key Ring

If you need to stack items together, key ring is the great attachment option for you. This works great for ID badges, access cards, or keys.

Choosing the Right Lanyards

There are several options for your ID lanyards, especially if you will use them as promotional items. Remember that you can choose your own design that matches the needs of your company.

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Types of Golf Club Every Beginner Needs to Know

GolfFor starters, all golf clubs may look similar to one another. However, clubs differ according to the distance and degree of loft that they can set. For every game set, a golfer typically has one of every kind to match with the type of hit he or she needs. Clubs with low digits are designed to hit for a longer distance. Here are three of the most useful kind of club that every beginner golfer should know:


Woods are not really made of wood. Long before, these clubs are made of hickory or persimmon. Modern woods are now made from titanium and steel alloys and metals. It has a flat bottom, a huge circular head and a relatively lower loft degree. For hits that require the highest distance, woods are the optimal choice. They can cover even those that need two hundred yards of distance. When a wood is rated 1, it tends to hit the furthermost. The Fairway Woods from Taylormade golf only costs $89.99 and has a speed pocket embedded in its sole. It adds up to the speed of the ball to aim to a farther distance.


For less than 250 yards of distance, irons are used by golfers. It has a higher loft compared to wood type. They usually possess an all-metal plate, shorter shaft and a flat face. They are intended for several kinds of hits especially in challenging situations like dog leg, over the trees, or tee box holes. These types used to be made from forged metal irons. Developers have created a more advanced model for irons with a renowned cavity back style with have lesser centers of weight and gives stronger forces of inertia. It creates an effortless strike that covers large distance. The Rescue Hybrid model from Taylormade golf has a center of gravity feature that aims a higher strike. It also has a very light shaft and create more rapid swing. They also have the Burner plus model with a beveled sole and inverted cone feature.


The wedge type of club is for a strike that intends to make the ball hover before it comes to rest on a putting surface. It has higher loft degree compared to the two others and is a typical pick for distance of a hundred yards, high accuracy and high-altitude strikes. Wedges come in various types like the sand, lob, gap, pitching and ultra-lob wedge. The ATV wedge from Taylormade has many grinds on its sole and easily adjusts according to the type of strike needed. It normally costs $149 but comes in a 47% discount in Rockbottom golf.

The most widely used type of club is the putter. It has a loft degree of not more than 10 degrees and is used for short distance like for simple rolls on the green grass and for preventing the ball from bouncing. They are usually in 30 inch of size but can come in various lengths. Taller models include broomstick and belly putter. They are the only kinds that are permitted to have features, like grip cross-sections with non-circular feature, hosels, bent shafts and other attachments. Taylormade golf has launched a high end Golf-Spider Blade putter that only weight less than 150 grams. It has high moment of inertia and excellent counterbalance.

Taylormade golf also provides all other important golf equipment for every golfer. They have leather gloves, golf balls, cart bags, caps, drivers and every kind of club. Rockbottom golf offers these items at a highly discounted price and comes with free shipping service. They have a collection of golf accessories from various brands that can be accessed 24/7.

A Simple Guide to Designing and Buying Custom Military Coins

Ordering custom military coins has become popular nowadays. Various military organizations, units, and some even outside the military, enjoy the symbolic tradition of having coins minted for them.

There are so many different coin makers out there that finding the right one to deal with can be mind boggling and nerve wracking. Most people have not the slightest clue on how they should do it.

Designing the coin is another important thing that most people have no clue about. It may all seem intimidating at first, but the simple fact is that it’s not really that difficult. A lot of coin makers are more than willing to hold someone’s hand if it means landing them a good order.

Below is a simple guide to designing and buying military coins for those who are in desperate need of direction.

Thinking about the materials

One of the first considerations is the material. Challenge coins are made from a wide variety of different metals. Knowing which one to go for largely depends on the needs and the budget.

Coin makers will be more than willing and happy to go in-depth as to the finer details of each type of metal. What matters most at the end of the day are the person’s needs.

A lot of people make the mistake of not getting the metal that they really need. Some end up overshooting their budget. Keep things real and avoid being too extravagant.

The look

Designing custom military coins can sound like a stressful job, but it’s actually quite easy. There are only a few important things that a person has to think about when they’re designing their own coin.

Most people already have an idea in their mind as to what their coin should look like. Coin makers would work with people to make them the best coin that they can.

Custom challenge coins come in a large variety of different shapes and sizes. Most are round or circular, but some coins are actually made in the silhouette of the organizations logo or insignia.

The finish of the coin is also important. Some can give the coin that antique look which is perfect for those who want their coins looking like they were made years ago.

When it comes to the look, the dye and complexity of the design are important considerations. In fact, much of the cost involved in making these coins is a result of the complexity in the design. Coins with a simple design are simpler to make and thus cost less than those with a complex look.

People need to strike a balance between the design of the coin and the cost of each coin. It’s always important to stay in budget and never go outside of it.

Looking for coin makers outside of the United States

A lot of the coin makers within the United States have been making coins for a long time. They have a proud and storied tradition for supplying coins to some of the most distinguished members of the military or the government.

However, that doesn’t mean that all coin makers are from the United States. In fact, some coin makers in the United States actually outsource their production process to countries in Asia where the materials and labor costs less.

A lot of today’s coin makers actually get their products from China or South Korea. There’s little to no difference, in fact most people don’t even know about them. Going directly to that source is a good idea for those who really want to get their military coins at a really low price.


There are several ways one simple lanyard can help businesses grow. Lanyards could even be just a simple string, not even an accessory, to some. But if one would take a closer look, he would learn that he has been underestimating the power of lanyards for too long.

First, it fulfils a company’s thirst for recognition.

In a particular event, say a fair, where companies flock and hope to share their success stories or cause to as many people as possible, a common sight would be employees giving out promotional materials such as leaflets, pins or badges, ballers or bracelets, etc.

LanyardsSay the audience would wear a company’s pin or read the leaflet during the event, what happens after? Do you think they’ll still use the pin every time they go out? Do you think they’ll be more than happy to share their leaflets to their friends, families, or officemates? This is where the great lanyard comes in. Lanyards could bear the name of the company, its logo, and even contact details.

If the creative department of a lanyard company did an absolutely outstanding job in designing the lanyards, the audience who would receive those during an event would definitely still wear them even after. Moreover, if the beautifully designed lanyard is equipped with a mobile holder and a key ring, they might not remove it anymore. So everywhere they go, they bear the name of the company. Imagine if more people from different areas would do this. The company’s advertisement then didn’t just end during the event.

Second, it provides security for a company’s employers.

What is one thing that is common to all employees of a company? Their Identification Cards (ID). Surely, before entering the building, this will help security guards identify if the person entering is really an employee. Of course, a lanyard is useful in making sure an employee’s ID is not misplaced.

But there is more to lanyards for employees than simply holding their ID’s. Why? ID’s are rather small. One would need to be at least three steps away from a person in order to accurately identify the logo written on an ID.

A lanyard that is customized specifically for the company then saves the day. Of course, this would not be enough to pass through the security guard, but using this, other employees inside or even at the compound, could easily identify from afar if another person, say someone from another department, is safe to talk to.

Besides actual security, lanyards also “secure” employees’ rights to brag about the company they are working for. If one works for a really big and prestigious company, he would have want other people to know about it but he it would appear awkward if he’d go about telling random people about it. An ID then would not be enough to serve this purpose. Because again, one person would not just go about showing everybody his ID. This is where the lanyard becomes handy.

A lanyard, is then no longer just a simple tool for securing IDs, mobile phones and keys together, it is now a symbol of social status. Upon seeing a lanyard everybody knows is specially created for the employees of a grand company, the person’s accomplishment becomes obvious already. There’s no need to brag or to give lengthy explanations about one’s affiliation and accomplishment.

Hence, if employees are secured and they have a way of boosting their self-esteem through the lanyard, businesses would not fear the risk of losing their employees. In a way, these lanyards would even motivate them to go to work every day and do their jobs well.


Lanyards could even be just a simple string but there different variety are given at wholesalelanyards.