Nov 25

There are some people who purchase custom patches without proper knowledge about them. Custom patches have various types and specifications that will suit different needs. In order to ensure your satisfaction whenever you make a purchase, it is best that you educate yourself first about which types and features are the ones that would be preferable to you. Listed below are some of the most common purpose of buying patches as well as the ideal options for them.

Temporary Patches for the Same Uniform

This is common for military, sales team and organizers. For example, there are Making Your Patches Suit Your Needcustom military patches that are bought only for a certain mission or event. If they will only replace their previous military patches and attach the new ones on the same garment, they will have to opt for the Velcro backing. This type of backing will allow them to change the patches on their garments whenever they need to. First, they have to sew the loop fastener area onto their uniforms then they will already be able to change their patches as long as they have the hook-side Velcro backing. Organizers and sales persons can do the same as well since they might need different patches when they sell or organize different products and events.

If you also plan on purchasing custom patches for a one-time event, then the stick and peel backing, also known as adhesive backing, would be preferable. This type of easy-attachment backing can be applied instantly; however, it can only be used once. Patches with this type of backing can be attached to most types of garments. The adhesive used on these patches will come off easily without a trace. If you change your mind or find out that you will need to use the patches permanently, you can just sew them onto your garments.

Patches with Complex Designs

Embroidered patches are the first type of patches. This is the why they have been more popular for years and for that reason, they are more in demand – even today. They are more available on the market as well which is why they have become the most purchased ones. However, you have to keep in mind that each type of patches has its own limitations. When it comes to complex designs, you will not be able to get 100 percent satisfaction if you choose embroidered patches.

You can already see more types of patches nowadays and they are already becoming in demand as the embroideries continue to promote them. Civil service patches, military patches, company patches and organization patches can sometimes require highly detailed designs which are impossible for the embroidery process. One of the patches that are more ideal for complex designs is woven patches. It can give you more photographic realism compared to embroidered patches which use larger threads and only have limited colors. If you want a photo to be copied perfectly on your patches, then printed patches which use the dye sublimation process are your best option.

There are many other specifications of custom patches which will suit what your patches are intended for. These are just some of the examples that many people are not aware of. Keep in mind that the most opted ones will not always work for you. There are some uncommon options that can give you more convenience and satisfaction. Whether you need biker patches, military patches, civil service patches or patches for your team, organization or company, it is wise to consider what they are intended for so the next time you make orders, you already know which type of patches and backing would best suit your needs. You can also ask the company you will purchase from as they can help you decide which ones are best for you.

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